Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

“Our journey started with a business plan and a shared entrepreneurial spirit.

Tim and I had met through mutual acquaintances and soon realized that our backgrounds in real estate and business analytics were quite complementary as we evaluated the potential for a branded, high-quality car wash model.  It took a few years to convert an MBA business plan into our first location in Carmichael, California in 2004.  Ultimately, Tim and I shared the same entrepreneurial spirit and surrounded ourselves with partners that shared a willingness to continuously improve the model and overcome (countless) obstacles.

Our mission was to be “Fast. Clean. Loved…Everywhere” and improve the consumer car wash experience.

Guided by our belief that people and culture win, over our first ten years we refined the business operating model and laid the foundation for our culture and best practices. Our expansion was funded one location at a time, through a supportive network of friends and family, with additional financing from SBA and regional lenders. By 2015, we had opened 18 locations and built the infrastructure and pipeline to accelerate the growth of Quick Quack in a meaningful way, but were limited by the capital requirements of developing numerous locations simultaneously.

I remember the first time Jeremy from Seidler reached out to me.

His message about a long-term partnership approach and flexible capital model stood out from the other equity groups we had spoken with in search of capital. I think some of the hardest decisions in our journey included saying no to potential capital partners who weren’t the right fit. Our culture is exemplified by our people—smart, kind and driven individuals—and the Seidler team embodies those very same qualities. They listened carefully to our needs and structured an investment that helped us achieve three critical objectives: maintain our control of the business, provide liquidity to early investors, and fund capital for growth. Of equal significance, they understood the importance of our unique company culture and brought an experienced voice to our Board-level discussions.

It would have been easy for Seidler to simply treat our business as “just another investment.”

But they really bought in to our vision and have been a supportive partner at each step of our journey. Whether providing guidance on long-term strategic decisions or valuable resources for day-to-day projects, they are always eager to jump in and “roll up their sleeves” to help us get things done right. They’ve supported our continued expansion through two follow-on capital investments, helped us execute acquisitions, and facilitated a debt refinance with a like-minded flexible financing partner.

Seidler’s prior experience with high-growth, multi-unit businesses has helped us keep the focus on smart growth while navigating skillfully away from potential risk areas.”