Keeping it simple

You’ve probably considered various reasons why bringing on a new partner could be challenging for you and your business. We’ve considered these challenges, too—and how to avoid them.

That is why we’ve focused on simplifying the entire process: You tell us what you need, and we’ll propose a plan that makes sense for everyone.

No Wall Street tricks, no ridiculous fees, no fuzzy math or “gotchas” for you to discover later.

Acting quickly

We know you don’t want to waste time headed down a path to nowhere.

So, while we often develop relationships with business owners long before they are ready to bring in outside capital, we act decisively once the time is right for you.

And, we take pride in delivering on our deal handshake—streamlining the investment process so we get working together quickly, and you can stay focused on your business.

Seidler’s responsive, straightforward approach set them apart from the other people we had talked to.  The whole process was efficient and seamless.

Larry Morton

Hal Leonard


For growing companies, one size clearly doesn’t fit all

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs may need additional capital—and we can match the right approach to your unique situation. Unlike most of our peers, we have the flexibility to invest as either a minority or majority partner and closely align our incentives with yours for continued growth and success.

Growth Financing

Whether you’re looking to fund new product development, expand your geographic markets, finance increases in working capital, accelerate organic growth or make strategic acquisitions, we can provide the necessary capital and help implement the chosen growth strategy.

Family Transition / Estate Planning

If the time has come to provide liquidity for certain owners in a family-owned business while others retain (or even increase) their ownership, we can provide the funds to generate a tax-efficient estate planning event.

Partner Buyout

We can jumpstart your next round of growth by providing liquidity to silent or retiring owners while maintaining available capital for strategic expansion.

Management Buyout

We provide financial backing to seasoned executives seeking to buy all or part of a company from the current owners.

In each case, we can help optimize after-tax proceeds available to you and your company while often achieving multiple financing objectives. Most importantly, we always maintain strict confidentiality—throughout the transaction process and after we are partners—in order to protect proprietary information, ensure there is no disruption with employees or customers and safeguard the company’s competitive advantages in the industry.


Finding the right partner means more than just securing a source of financing

Our experienced team is ready to work with you step by step to refine and implement your strategic plan, develop your management team and organization, enhance your operational efficiencies and optimize your use of data and capital. We are excited to help your business achieve its full potential.

Refine and implement your strategic plan

We combine fresh creative thinking with decades of hands-on experience to help you identify and implement key initiatives that will serve as building blocks for continued business success.

Acquisition Identification and Execution

International Expansion

Digital Marketing

Customer Analytics and Wallet Share Initiatives

Industry Trend and Pricing Analyses

New Product/Service Launches

Brand and I.P. Development/Protection

Channel Strategy Management

Strategy Refinement and Development

Geographic Market and Site Selection

Develop your management team and organization

Building a great business requires consistent effort to attract, hire, train, incentivize and retain top talent. We can assist you in all these facets of human capital development.

Seidler has partnered with us through a period of rapid expansion, working in true partnership to help expedite our global growth plans and build out the organizational infrastructure required to continue to scale.

Meg Ziems

Grace Loves Lace

Enhance your operational efficiencies

Together with your management team, we help implement best operational practices throughout your entire organization to enhance performance and scalability.

Asset Utilization Studies

Cost Containment Analysis

Supply Chain Diversification and Optimization

Regulatory Compliance

Business System Upgrade Implementation

Business Risks Analysis and Mitigation

Vertical Integration Execution

Environmental Protocol Review

Optimize your use of data and capital

We can help you develop and extract the right data from your organization so you can set aggressive goals, budget effectively, monitor performance, invest in the best value-enhancing initiatives and analyze returns on invested time, effort and capital.

Seidler can also assist in obtaining the right amount and form of capital—at the right time—to maximize your business value and minimize your equity dilution. As your partners, we can provide additional funds to support accretive acquisitions and growth projects under appropriate circumstances. We also maintain a deep pool of trusted lending relationships that are like-minded sources of supplementary capital.

If you’re looking for a trusted private equity partner with the skills and resources to match your business opportunities and unlock the full value creation potential of your business…



We encourage inquiries about working with Seidler Equity Partners directly from business owners and executives, as well as from intermediaries, attorneys, accountants and other professionals

All discussions will be maintained in strict confidence.


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