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Partnering with founders and industry leaders.

Decades of successful partnership investing.


Year founded


Total partnerships


Minority partnerships


Assets under management


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Average debt / EBITDA at entry


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Typical fees charged to partner companies

We believe in providing entrepreneurs flexibility.


Flexible ownership stake

We are comfortable either as a minority or majority partner, depending on your particular situation and capital need.


Flexible time horizon

We work with you to maximize enterprise value over a timeframe that fits your goals, whether 3-5 years or 10+.


Flexible transaction financing

We take a conservative approach to debt, with the mindset that the optimal use of cash for most growing companies is to fund expansion.


Aligned incentives

We do not charge typical private equity fees (no board, closing, management, or monitoring fees of any kind).


Respect for your unique culture

We value the culture and team you’ve built and strive to support your vision for your company’s identity and position within your industry.


Resource to be called upon

Our team offers decades of strategic and operational experience—primarily as board-level and project-focused partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you invest?

    We have offices in Los Angeles and Sydney. Our funds invest in leading businesses in the United States / Canada and Australia / New Zealand.

  • What sectors do you invest in?

    We seek to partner with industry-leading businesses and have invested across a broad range of sectors within the consumer, manufacturing, healthcare, and business services industries. See a few examples here.

  • What is your typical ownership stake?

    We are flexible, with a typical ownership stake in the range of 30-70%. We are minority owners in over half of our partnerships.

  • How will you help my business grow?

    We serve a resource at your disposal. Our partners often lean on us in the areas of board-level direction setting (with an eye towards building long-term enterprise value), growth projects (including international growth, acquisitions, and revenue optimization), and organizational development (getting the right people on the bus). Read about how we’ve helped some of our founders here.

  • How long do your typical partnerships last?

    We offer our partners an extended runway. We believe in building businesses for sustainable, long-term success, and we have the flexibility to partner with you for a decade or more or to maximize value in a shorter period, depending on what timeframe is right for you.

  • How long does it take for you to invest?

    Our investment process is streamlined. We prioritize delivering on our handshake, minimizing disruption to you and your team, and maintaining confidentiality.

  • What are the typical fees imposed on your partners?

    Zero. We believe long-term success is driven by a strong alignment of interests and sound business fundamentals (rather than arbitrary fees).

  • How do I contact your firm?

    Email info@sepfunds.com and we’ll put you in touch with the right people.


Hear from our partners about the founding and growth trajectory of their businesses.