What Can Seidler Do For You?

Finding the right partner for your business doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. We listen carefully to your business needs, seek to understand your transaction objectives and provide flexible and creative solutions to achieve your goals. We take pride in delivering on our handshakes and completing a streamlined investment process so you can stay focused on the business.

Key Principles

Our partnership philosophy is based on a deep respect for the unique needs of each potential partner company. Our investment process is guided by the following key principles:

We frequently develop relationships with business owners and executives before, sometimes many years before, they are ready to bring in outside capital. While our approach to deal making is patient, we act quickly and decisively when the time is right for a capital raise.

We focus on structuring transactions to optimize after-tax proceeds available to the company and its owners. In most cases, we can implement investment structures to achieve a company’s various financing objectives without negative tax consequences.

A traditional investment banking process that broadly disseminates key business data can undermine a company’s proprietary information protections and dilute its competitive advantages. We are committed to completing investments with high levels of efficiency, discretion and confidentiality, safeguarding the company’s commitments to its employees, customers, suppliers and preserving its advantages over competitors.

The best entrepreneurs instill a distinctive culture within their companies. As board-level partners, we value the importance of preserving and enhancing a company's culture while strengthening its identity, position and reputation within its community and industry.

Transaction Types

We have a distinctive ability to provide capital for either minority or majority equity transactions. In many instances, we can help owners and executives accomplish more than one of the following financing goals:

We support business owners seeking an equity partner to provide liquidity for silent or retiring owners. Our more than two decade track record demonstrates our partnership approach to investing – as both a minority and a majority partner.

Under current tax law, business owners often find it challenging to transfer ownership of a family-run company to the next generation without help from a financial partner. Our transactions often generate an estate-planning liquidity event that allows certain owners to exit while others retain and often increase their ownership. In most cases, tax-efficient structures can be implemented to effect a generational recapitalization.

We invest in businesses seeking additional growth capital to purchase equipment, introduce new products, finance working capital, accelerate organic growth or make strategic acquisitions. We act as a value-added resource to help implement the chosen growth strategy.

We provide financial backing to company executives seeking to buy all or part of a company from current owners.