What Makes Us Different?

We think about your business the same way you do – as a true partner, not just a capital provider.

We are a relationship-driven firm that strives to genuinely understand our partners' short and long-term professional and personal financial objectives. Because those objectives can vary greatly, we emphasize flexibility in developing the right transaction to fit each situation. Over the past 20+ years, we have invested in both minority and majority positions and employed a variety of customized deal structures to achieve our partners’ goals.

We invest in growing businesses where we can work collaboratively with our partners to increase a company’s value over time. We believe success is most likely to be achieved by implementing a thoughtful plan for smart growth, not a risky scheme in search of a quick buck. As a result, we have established stable and thriving partnerships, some of which have spanned more than a decade.

We believe the optimal use of cash for most growing companies is to fund expansion, not service a heavy debt load. We seek to generate investment returns by applying sound business principles and executing insightful growth strategies, rather than using maximum leverage.

We help our partner companies achieve their full potential by harnessingthe extensive resources of our professional team. We apply decades of strategic, operational and organizational experience primarily as board-level and project-focused partners, leaving day-to-day decisions in the hands of management. In addition, our network of trusted service providers, industry experts, financial institutions, and acquisition support professionals are valuable assets for executives determined to build and maintain the best business in their industry.

We know every dollar a business earns is the result of a team effort. Consequently, we don’t impose costly fees or other arbitrary external requirements on our partner companies. Instead, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with them to closely align incentives and maximize value for all stakeholders.